10 Great Toys For Your Baby

10 Great Toys For Your Baby

You might be a parent who is very excited for their new baby that you only want the best for him/her. Get your child some toys that he/she will definitely love from Skip Hop at Here are 10 of our best picks that we recommend you get for your beloved little one.

1. Zoo Let's Brunch Set

This is a cute brunch set for toddlers. It contains 16 pieces of toys that inspire children who like food and dream of being a chef someday. This toy is made for children 3+.

2. Farmstand Rock-A-Mole Guitar

This is a cute toy guitar for your bay. It is really cute and comes in an avocado design. It is suitable for little hands to hold too and makes great music. This is made for kids 6m+.

3. Farmstand Avocado Stroller Toy

This is another avocado-shaped toy and it can be played on its own or it can be attached to a stroller. This is perfect for your babies aged 0+.

4. Zoo Bark-Ista Set

This is another food-inspired toy for kids who want to be a barista. It has 20 pieces in total and has a cute storage drawer. Help your child build his/her own cafe with this cute toy. It is meant to be played by children 3+.

5. Zoo Plush Animal

This is a cute plush animal in llama form. It is super soft and adorable that your children will love it. There are other variations like butterfly, dinosaur, and unicorn for this toy. It is perfect for children 12+.

6. ZOO® Narwhal Ring Toss

This is a bath toy to help your kids appreciate bathtime even more. There are some children who do not like to take baths and this is one way to convince them. It is meant for children 12m+.

7. Zoo Bathtime Basketball

This is another bathtime toy which is a cute dog basketball ring to make baths fun. It has a secure suction to keep it in place on the wall. It is also for children aged 12m+.

8. Farmstand Grow & Play Activity Gym

This is a play activity gym for babies wherein your child can enjoy 17+ developmental activities. It even has an arch that can be used as a growth chart to monitor your child’s height. It is for kids aged 0+.

9. Silver Lining Cloud Baby's View Activity Center

This is another activity center for children in which it can grow with your baby in three stages. It is even a winner in The Bump Best of Baby Awards 2020. It is meant for babies 4m+ with over 25 developmental activities.

10. Camping Cub Activity Gym

This is a playmat with 17+ developmental activities and four ways to play. It has a unique design and fun colors that your children will surely love. It is for ages 0+.