7 Best Picks From Overland For Your Next Rug For Home

7 Best Picks From Overland For Your Next Rug For Home

Rugs are fun to have at home. If your floor seems very bare, you can simply get a rug and revamp it. With a rug, you may make your home seem a lot better. There may be a lot of great stores out there where you can purchase rugs from but Overland is definitely one of the best. You may check out their website at Overland. Nonetheless, to help you purchase great rugs, here are 7 great picks for you.

1.Single-Pelt (2' x 3') Tibetan Lamb Fur Rug

This rug is priced at $99. It is made out of Genuine Tibetan lamb fur. It is soft and has a nice texture. You may place it on the floor, on top of our couch, at the back of a chair, on top of a table, so on. It is 36″ long and 22″ wide. You can get this rug in black snow top color, ivory. beige/snow top, charcoal/snow top, denim snow top, ice grey, natural black-spotted, and shell.

2.3-Pelt (3.5' x 5.5') Premium Australian Sheepskin Area Rug

This rug is at $299 and it is made of premium-grade genuine Australian sheepskin. It is colored ivory or linen. It is a nice rug to place near a sofa or a bed. This rug is 41″ long and 63.80″ wide.

3.8' x 11.5' Premium Australian Sheepskin Area Rug

You might want to skip the coffee table and have a space in your living where you can have a nice big rug so that you may lounge both on the sofa or on the floor. This is the perfect rug for that priced at $2,195. This rug is available at ivory, linen, champagne, taupe, cappuccino, and steel and is sized 138″ by 96″.

4.Australian Sheepskin Teddy Bear Rug

This is a nice rug that your baby will surely enjoy. It is available in ivory color and priced at $99. It is soft and cuddly and is really cute too! You need this rug!

5.3' x 5' Curly Sheepskin Rug

At $495, this rug is a natural brown color which is a pretty mixture of various shades of cream and brown. It is made from Genuine curly Spanish sheepskin at 60″ long and 36″ wide. This rug is perfect for your bedroom or your living room as it is a nice statement piece at the right size.

6.Sheepskin Sheep Baby Rug

This is another cute baby rug for only $59. It is in white color with brown accents. It is made from 100% genuine sheepskin and is perfect for the nursery.

7.5' x 8' Cocoa Ombre Argentine Cowhide Area Rug

This is another really nice and unique rug that costs $1,195. It is a mix of different colors with its color name ombre cocoa in which it is a Genuine Argentine cowhide rug with various shades from the deepest brown that is almost black to cream.