Top 6 Suitcases For Traveling Businessmen

Top 6 Suitcases For Traveling Businessmen

Preparing for business travel will surely cost you some time of what necessary things you should bring. By that, you will need a good suitcase to keep all your belongings in a compact and has a good design. To know what are some designs to consider in your preference, proceed on the list below.

1.The Carry-On

To fit everything in a suitcase that you can carry everywhere, may it be on the headboard of any airline, car, or train, then this is a good choice. A hard polycarbonate shell will guarantee a durable material that can last longer and not break easily. Plus, it has 360 degrees spinner wheels, which is convenient to stroll anywhere. The price is around $225 to $245.

2. The Medium

It has an internal compression system and hidden laundry, which is helpful in packing stuff without ending up cluttery. It has add-ons like six packing cubes, a centerfold garment sleeve, and a shoe cube. The materials are also polycarbonate shell exterior and have 360 degrees wheels for only $295.

3. The Bigger Carry-On

For only $245 to $265, you can already pack everything with this larger Carry-On suitcase. Although it is huge, it is lightweight at 7.4 lbs, so you can take it without struggling from pulling forward. It also has a durable shell and rotational wheels like the other design.

4. The Carry-On: Aluminum Edition

It is an upgraded version of The Carry-On design. This time, it has TSA-approved combination locks to secure all your stuff. The other essential features are also included, but it has leather details to be distinct. As mentioned, it is a level-up design, so the price range is $525 – $545.

5. The Daily Carry-On with Pocket

If you like something handy and will suit everywhere, this is the right suitcase for you. It is literally a pocket with a removable three-compartment accordion and a thirteen inches laptop sleeve. Also, it is perfect for any business trip. You can slip almost everything in this suitcase plus the other basic features are also included. Purchase it now for only $245.

6. The Large: Aluminum Edition

For more things to bring with you, choose this design, and it will not frustrate you in any way. The thing is, it is evidently huge, so you will need the energy to haul it everywhere. Yet, no worries because it also has Slow-release handles to carry it smoothly. Nevertheless, all basic features are included for $645.