The Necessary of Anti-Sun Burn

The Necessary of Anti-Sun Burn


ANTI-SUN BURN measures are easy to apply as you only need common sense. First get used to wearing a hat, light and light clothing, wear sunscreen glasses, and drink plenty of cold water throughout the day. Before leaving, you should place sunscreen cream on your face and your entire body. Remember to use a lip balm with sunscreen, as the skin of the lips is extremely delicate. If you go to the beach you should use an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. After swimming, you should put sunscreen back on your body and face.

What to do if you have a sunburn

If despite the warnings you suffered a sunburn you should act quickly but calmly. First, calm the affected area with cold water. You can also place the gel that comes out of the leaves of the aloe vera plant. That gel is healing and refreshing. If you’re in pain, you can control it by placing ice cubes. Obviously, if your situation doesn’t improve, you should consult the doctor urgently so that he can tell you what to do. Keep in mind that a burn is a reminder that you should have taken appropriate ANTI-SUN BURN measures.