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Parents And Kids: Fashion Is Fun

Parents And Kids: Fashion Is Fun

Tips for dressing as a family

-Note in what context you will follow this trend together. For example: a photo shoot for social media, a whole day in the park, shopping, a birthday party, etc.

-Talk among all of you what clothes you want to buy: T-shirts, jackets, pants, shirts, caps, etc. You have to argue about designs, colors and prints. Take your time to agree.

-If you feel that you lack ideas, look at the clothes that celebrities wear, as there are many that follow this trend. You will find this information on social networks, Instagram and Facebook mainly.

-Children’s opinions must be respected. You have to follow this trend as long as they agree. Fortunately this custom will continue for a long time, as most children have fun with this idea.

-You must wear the clothes you really like. Remember that you can dress together without losing your own identity.

-Highlight how fun this trend is, focus on the bright side of this idea. This way you can deal better with the temperament of your children.


Fashion can create fun moments between PARENTS AND KIDS. Open your mind to possible combinations of garments and colors taking into account the preferences of each of you. Your children will love this trend because they’ll see it as a game.