Neck Skin: The Care It Deserves

Neck Skin: The Care It Deserves

Each morning, after cleansing and toning your face, you should place a cleansing cream on the skin of your NECK. This area accumulates many impurities, so you must clean it rigorously.

Extreme hydration

As the years go by, the skin on the NECK tends to fall, dry out and lose firmness. This problem can be solved through proper daily hydration. Use moisturizer every day that contains sunscreen. At night you should use a nourishing night cream that contains vitamins and minerals to work on the regeneration of your skin. During the night your skin is renewed and a nourishing cream can further improve that process. Remember to place your creams through circular massages, both on the face and NECK, as this activates the circulation of blood.

Specific care

When you put on your face, you also have to make up your NECK to generate a uniform image. Logically then you should remove the makeup very carefully. When you finish this process you should place a toning lotion on your face and neck to refresh the area and remove excess makeup. Once a week you should exfoliate the skin on your NECK along with the skin on your face. You should use an exfoliating cream with natural ingredients, as they respect the inner balance of the skin.

Check with a dermatologist to see which beauty products are best for you.