9 Eyelashes To Level Up Your Eye Makeup

9 Eyelashes To Level Up Your Eye Makeup

Your eyes are among the first things about your appearance that people notice. Eye makeup is not easy and it might take you quite a while to master it and to do it but it can really change your appearance. One of the important factors for eye makeup is the lashes. Nonetheless, not everyone is blessed with great lashes. If you are hoping to enhance your lashes, then you should know about Glamnetic, a brand that sells beauty products which among its products are false eyelashes and magnetic liner pens for your falsies. Nonetheless, here are 9 products to help you level up your eye game.

1. Soo Future! Magnetic Liner Pen

This is a magnetic felt tip liner that can help you have a pigmented wing liner while it is also a material that helps your false lashes stay in place. With this liner, you can achieve various eye looks whether you like your eyeliner to be subtle or bold. You may get this in a black color called Deep Space, or a brown color called Cocoa Dreams for $34.39.

2. The Ultimate Duo

You might be the type of person who likes changing their style from time to time. This 2-in-1 eyeliner allows you to have both Deep Space and Cocoa Dreams eyeliner colors in one item for $38.39 with the same functionality as the magnetic liner pen.

3. Babygirl

This is a short round magnetic false eyelashes in 9mm-13mm. You can get it at 1 pack for $23.99 or 3 packs for $61..18. These lashes are very natural on the eyes and they are lightweight and comfortable too. It contains six magnets to ensure that it stays in place for the entire day.

4. Livin'

If you want something natural, this one is for you. It is a pair of short wispy lashes that are 5mm-11mm in length. This false eyelash set can give your eyes a little boost and they are perfect for every day if you want a look that is not dramatic and just enhances your features.

5. Virgo

These lashes are also short wispy but they are 12mm. These lashes are also very perfect for every day or even for special occasions. They can give you a subtle yet enhanced look.

6. Ofc

If you love the cat-eye look, then these lashes are for you. They are medium cat eyelashes at 7mm-13mm. You can get 1 pack for $29.99 and 3 packs for $76.47. These lashes are perfect for glam looks but they still give a subtle look. They are perfect for night-outs.

7. Qt

This is another pair of cat-eye false lashes but they are on the shorter side at 5mm-11mm. They are perfect for girls who like to look cute with the cat-eye look for everyday usage.

8. Unreal

These are medium wispy lashes at 8mm-13mm. This is a gorgeous false eyelash set that gives off just the right amount of drama. They are still perfect for every day while also being great for special occasions.

9. Lust

These are long round lashes at 11mm-16mm. They are perfect for hooded, round, and almond eyes. If you want something more dramatic, then you should go for a pair of these.