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7 Amazing Suitcase And Bags You Can Buy From Rimowa

7 Amazing Suitcase And Bags You Can Buy From Rimowa

Traveling can be a hassle. You have to pack everything, including the kitchen sink, and then you have to lug it all around through airports or train terminals. Not everyone has time for that, so they just give up on traveling altogether. But there are some great ways to make your life easier when you’re traveling because of Rimowa Luggage! Rimowa is an amazing company that makes high-quality suitcases and bags with wheels that follow strict regulations for size and weight restrictions in order to help people travel more easily.

Here are seven amazing Rimowa products that you can buy to make your life easier when traveling!

1. Aluminum Cross-Body Bag

Great for weekends away or even just carrying around your wallet and cell phone, this aluminum cross-body bag is the perfect size to help you carry only the bare necessities during your trips. This Rimowa product is made with anodized aluminum so it’s sturdy enough to last even though it’s incredibly light. With a roomy pocket on the front and a detachable shoulder strap, you can wear this bag across your body or simply carry it around like a purse. Because this Rimowa product is made with high-quality aluminum, though, avoid filling it with things that could scratch it!

2. Packing Bag

Don’t let the word “packing” fool you: this Rimowa product is so much more than just a bag for packing. You can actually use it to carry your belongings when you travel, and it has handles on either side so you can hold it by hand or sling it around your forearm! The best part is that it folds perfectly flat once you’re done using it so you can easily pack it away in your suitcase without taking up too much space.

3. Trifold Garment Bag

If you’re worried about wrinkling your clothes, this trifold garment bag is the perfect solution for keeping all of your items neat and crease-free. The bag unfolds into a hanging garment bag that you can place in your hotel closet to let your clothes air out, while the zippered inner compartment keeps everything organized. When it’s time to go home, just fold it back up and pack it away!

4. Weekender

Designed to fit all the items you could need for a short weekend trip, this weekend bag is just what you need to carry all of your belongings. With two outer pockets and one large compartment, this Rimowa product also has built-in straps that can hold your shoes so they don’t dirty up everything else in your bag. The best part is that the bag has a flat base so it can stand on its own – no more digging around for things at the bottom of your bag!

5. Polycarbonate Cross-Body Bag

Sleek and stylish, this polycarbonate cross-body bag comes in a variety of colors to suit everyone’s personal style. It is made with polycarbonate, which is a synthetic resin that features the best qualities of both plastic and glass. Because it’s shatter-resistant but still lightweight, this bag is perfect for traveling if you’re worried about things getting broken in transit.

6. Phone Bag

If you’re traveling with a mobile phone or even just a wallet, this Rimowa phone bag is the perfect solution for keeping all of your small items organized and safely stored. Made with aluminum alloy, this sleek phone case comes in two separate pieces that can be combined to securely protect any device – think of it as armor for your electronics!

7. Rectangular Mini Pouch

This super-compact pouch is perfect for when you really need to travel light. You can use it to hold your phone, keys, or any other items throughout the day, and since it’s made with aluminum alloy it’s not going to weigh you down!

Rimowa Luggage makes some of the best suitcases and bags you can buy! Whether you’re looking for a compact pouch or a roomy weekender, this company has everything that you need.